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About the House of Iranian Craftsmen National &International Law Firm & Arbitration

The settlement of disputes through arbitration by reliable people has a long history in the history of human civilization. At the beginning of creation, litigants were forced to resolve their dilemma by referring to a third person having some particular personal characteristics such as intelligence, insight and sufficient experience. This person was trustworthy for both sides and they asked him to judge on the subject. Therefore, it can be said that judgment has existed from the beginning of human existence.

In the United Nations report, "the state of world in 1990", social tensions and conflicts were considered to be affected by population explosion. On the other hand, the growth of communication, due to the scientific, technical and technological advancements, especially in the field of electronic communications, has changed the economic and commercial relations of individuals and communities so that, through touching a button, an individual can do his economic transactions with its trade partners on the other side of the world.

The increasing rate of human population, the dramatic growth of communications and media, the complex issues surrounding them and the various disputes in human relations make the judgment in the justice-legal centers, time consuming. The massive size of incoming cases to the judicial authorities during a year does not allow judges to carry out the cases more quickly, in shorter time, with high precision and in a professional manner. Due to the extensive trade relations and communication in today's world, the inevitable disputes between the both sides of the contract such as the interpretation of minor provisions as well as major agreements are not cancelled. This factor has highlighted the subject of arbitration outside the judiciary-legal system once again. Due to various economic problems such as sanctions and currency fluctuations damaging the country's trade, industry and manufacturer which lead to the next legal problems, people’s demands in various areas of law, especially in the field of trade, are increasing. This increase makes some disorders for judicial system. Prolongation of the judgment process creates some difficulties for litigants which can be the source of more problems.

In today's world, especially in the world trade, where "hours" have meaning and sometimes the losses are calculated in terms of time (for example, an hour delay in the payment of good sold), is it possible for a trade case to last for months or years in such an environment where time has so much value and importance?

Due to numerous legal problems in the community, especially in commercial and industrial section of  the country, in the past decade along with the economic problems caused by sanctions, country's poor performance, dollar fluctuation as well as currency fluctuations, a group of legal experts in this field, headed by Seyed Adel Heidari, the senior attorney-at-law, the professor and the legal assistante of House of Iranian Craftsmen, has decided to solve the problems of this area and to resolve disputes in the industrial and manufacturing sector in new way and in accordance with the motto of "speed, precision and professional investigation" using the power of legal experts specializing in the field of commerce and industry. For this purpose, after about a year of professional work and effort in obtaining the required licenses, House of Iranian Craftsmen National &International Law Firm & Arbitration were established on 11/08/1392 with the registration number of 33343. This institution wants to resolve the disputes in the fields of commerce and industry by putting its motto (speed, precision and professional investigation) into practice. This motto contains three parts; speed, precision and professional investigation.

In order to put the first part into practice and accelerate the investigation of cases in legal and arbitration institute, the maximum time to investigate the most massive and the most serious cases is 3 months in the internal regulations. This investigation time is very short and thought provoking in country's judicial system. With little experience since the establishment of the institute, three-day investigation, from the date of issuance request of arbitration by one of the litigants, is grandstanding. Generally, the disputes in the legal and arbitration institute are ended by litigants' reconciliation not with the verdict of judgment. The second part is the "precision" in investigation. Undoubtedly, there is less unintended precision in judicial system of the country due to numerous cases (sometimes 6 to 8 files with various subjects) and various subjects which should be investigated by the honorable judges. Therefore, in legal and arbitration institute where the number of cases is much lower and the investigation is done in specific areas, precision in investigation is much more than the precision of judicial systems. The third part is related to "professional investigation" of cases. 

This means that, in legal and arbitration institute, the referees who are legal experts and have enough experience in the field of trade and industry are employed. Therefore, the referees of this institute are not familiar with these issues. They will have professional investigation by understanding the contents of this area.

Due to the need for speed, precision and professional investigation of commercial issues in today's world, the existence of the legal and arbitration institution is necessary to resolve the disputes between businessmen and industrialists such as the supplier of raw materials and the manufacturer, the manufacturer and the distribution network, workers and employers and disputes caused by the business relationships between businessmen/industrialists and third person, both natural and legal.     

The significant point of this legal and arbitration institution is the counseling session before contract. The experienced experts are responsible for arranging the contracts. In the first step, to avoid different interpretation and enforcement of contracts, a proper legal contract will be arranged. Finally, in case of dispute, by putting its motto into practice, this institute does its best to devise a compromise between litigants in the shortest time and with the utmost precision. The pronouncement will be presented if it is required. These pronouncements are applicable when they are finalized in the courts of law according to Chapter VII of the Civil Procedure Code.

The other significant point is that this institution can introduce the legal counsel and lawyer among the experienced senior attorneys at law. The businessmen and industrialists can employ the related lawyers as their lawyer or legal consultant in the courts of justice or administrative authorities

کلیه حقوق این وب سایت متعلق به موسسه حقوقی و داوری صنعتکاران به شماره ثبت 33343 می باشد.